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Voiceover for Level7

A little over a month ago, I’d done a voiceover for a group called Level 7, an idea collaboration thinktank styled company. The video is up on Youtube here. If the link doesn’t work, just look up Level7-Collaboration to find the video. Give a view and let me know what you think.


The Perturbed Dragon: The Edition Wars (Part One)


The sixth and final episode of season one of The Perturbed Dragon “The Edition Wars” is now at ENWorld, The Perturbed Dragon, and also on YouTube.

Give it a view (or three), like it on Facebook and on YouTube. Give it the love and support it needs for a second season.

If not, well, in the words of Bilar, I guess you can “kiss my shiny ax!”

Perturbed Dragon: The Cliche

I’d meant to post this earlier but just didn’t get to it until now.

Episode 4 of The Perturbed Dragon: “The Cliché” is available at The Perturbed Dragon, ENWorld, and on YouTube. Go give it a look and let me know what you think.

The Perturbed Dragon: The Cheat

Just letting you know that the new episode of The Perturbed Dragon, “The Cheat,”  is up at The Perturbed Dragon now and most likely on YouTube as well. It’ll probably be posted on ENWorld later today or tomorrow would be my guess.

After checking it out, you might swing by The Perturbed Dragon store to look at some of the merchandise available for the show.

The Perturbed Dragon: The New Guy

Just letting everyone know that episode 2 of The Perturbed Dragon: The New Guy is up at Enworld here, and at the official site here. You can also find it doing a search on YouTube.


The Perturbed Dragon: “A New Game”

“A New Game” the first full-length episode of The Perturbed Dragon is up here at ENWorld and also available through YouTube. I didn’t see it on The Perturbed Dragon yet but it’ll likely be there as well in a few hours.

New episodes will post every Monday.

Give it a look. Let your friends know as well.



Perturbed Dragon Trailer posted

A new Perturbed Dragon trailer has now been posted over at ENWorld here. The season is recorded and in the can and Darren Morrissey, the writer and artist for the show, has been frantically getting everything pieced together. Looks like it will be up and running soon.

I’ll let you know more once I get word . . . .

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