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My name is M. Darin Young, aka, Highland Raider on numerous gaming-related forums. I’m a full-time stay-at-home father who writes a bit, voice-overs a bit, games a bit more than that, reads even more than that, and watches entirely too much TV.

I’ve written a couple of reviews for, a handful of game variants posted at Boardgamegeek, a handful of items for a couple of RPG supplements, and the Witch Elf, a Warhammer Quest character that’s been floating around on the ‘net for about 15 years or so. I also have a number of novels in various states of disarray, a handful of short stories, and a slew of notes on everything and nothing.

I’m relatively new to voice-over and haven’t much to my credit but roughly twenty years of stage experience from high school through college and working with Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park, Theatre a la Carte (in Edmond, OK), and finally a bit of directing at Oklahoma City Community College.

As for gaming, I’ve been role-playing since introduced to AD&D back in 1979 and playing boardgames even longer than that. I’ve played every version of D&D since then, GURPS first through third editions, Savage Worlds, d20 Modern, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay first and second editions, Gunslingers & Gamblers, 7th Sea, TimeMaster and Chill (both from Pacesetter Games), just to name a few of the games I’ve played. There have been others, but these were systems which I’ve run or played in games for more than a couple of sessions. The boardgames I’ve played and enjoyed are too numerous to list in full; however, current favorites are Alhambra, Railroad Tycoon, Merchants & Marauders, Fortune & Glory: the Cliffhanger Boardgame, DOOM the Boardgame, and Carcasonne in the short list. I’ve written variant rules for Pirates of the Spanish Main and Heroscape, both of which are located at Boardgamegeek.

In case you’re wondering, the handle Highland Raider came about from playing Mechwarrior: my favorite factions were The Highlanders and Bannson’s Raiders, and I often ran teams combining those two.


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  1. Ola, I am a horrible person I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award yesterday and am just now letting you know. I blame my children. šŸ™‚

    You can find the details here:


  2. Hello,
    I nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, again, and because I have always thought that you were a much better writer than me. If you would like to participate click this link If you do not want to participate, no worries.


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