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Dem Bones and . . . Dwarves!

Oh, my eyes were bleeding!

OK, not really, but it sure felt that way after receiving my Vampire pledge box of Reaper Bones miniatures last week. I was giddy. Christmas in June.

I opened the outer box and this is what greeted me:


Santa came early . . . or really late.

My son took one look and said, “That can’t be 200 miniatures.” Then I opened the white box and pulled out the inner plastic bags and laid those on the table.


Good thing Bones don’t need air.

He still shook his head and went to play video games while I took a few more pictures. I didn’t start counting minis until a day or so later. I was trying to figure out how best to go about it when I ran across this life (and time) saving link, which shows the Vampire pledge level of minis plus gives a list of the optional add-ons with links to larger images of the minis. Now, while there was one noticeable error*the page definitely helped me with the process. It took only a small handful of hours rather than an entire week to wade through the 240-some-odd miniatures in the box.**

My daughter helped open the smaller bags to extract individual miniatures. Once done, we set those on the table to see just how many miniatures were in the box.


Nearly 250 miniatures. Not enough to cover the table. Should’ve ordered a few more boxes.

Now, overall the miniatures are rather nice. They’re clean sculpts with few blemishes. Several figures look as though they are competing in a limbo tournament and will need some work, but the best thing about the Bones line—no drilling and pinning together disparate parts to put the silly things together. I have several of these minis already in metal but haven’t put them together for just that reason. Of the figures in this pack, the only ones that required any assembly were 3 of the giants and the griffon, but the pieces slotted together easily and it looks like the fusion glue I applied will hold them together without any problems.***

Once I finished with the Bones minis, I went ahead and pulled out the dwarves from the Kickstarter I’d pointed out awhile back and set them in their bases.


I haven’t glued them in nor have I started any work on them. These pieces being metal have a high degree of flash both on the individual figures and on the resin bases.

Here’s an image of the troll figure that came as an addition with the dwarves.


I think both Kickstarters were worth the price. I managed to get some really nice miniatures in both sets. Of course, my wife just looks at them and shakes her head, muttering about the house sinking because of all the minis stored in boxes in the back room.****

But when the waters rise, at least the Bones will float.


*The first mini shown is Danar, male assassin; however, the Bones list link shows an image of Kellen, nobleman adventurer.

**I swapped out the Sophie the succubus on motorcycle Kickstarter exclusive for 4 extra giants (the frost giant king and queen and the fire giant king and queen) and an extra pack of 5 necromancers (can’t have enough wizards raising the dead).

***Sorry, no pics of those minis, either before or after. Oh, well, here’s a close-up of the frost giant king.


****At last count, I had over 3,000 miniatures. Of course, that was made about 20 years ago when I was trying to maintain them on spreadsheet. I have no clue how many minis I have now.



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  1. Those do look nice.

    • I had a few other close-ups but my camera just doesn’t do those too well and any that did work OK were cropped oddly by WP. I’ll try to get some more close-ups taken and post those later.

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