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Cetaceans Camping*

Bad, Darin. Bad, Bad, Darin.

The WordPress Blog Police are pounding on the door of the office, telling me I’m being charged with attempted blogicide. I’ve gone nearly two months without seeing to the care and nourishment of this blog, and its followers have likely wandered away in search of better forage elsewhere while Write-Voice-Games withers and dies.

Ah, well.

The term blogicide is rather amusing. I ran across it a year or so ago on Hella Sydney when Nezza commented that she’d committed that act on her blog by not updating it after a two month or so stint.** Oddly, even though the -cide suffix means “someone or something that kills a particular thing”*** according to, blogicide is “One who blogs without thinking. Or says something in a blog that is obviously stupid to everyone but the person posting.”

Huh? Oh, I get it. Suicide by blog. Ha ha.

Urban Dictionary. What a joke.

Nearly six months into the new year and I still have no clue where I’m going with this blog.

It began last year as a point to co-author a story, but during the holidays, I grew slack on my end, and Nathan over at Speaking Out has since split his blog in two**** and has moved on from Menagerie (though he does seem to have links still working), which is fine. My brain just hasn’t gotten back involved with those characters since I dropped that intergalactic ball. Who knows, maybe we’ll team up again on something with a predetermined beginning, middle, and end and not go the serial route.

During the past year, I added a number of “Thought for the Day” posts (OK, so they should be called “Thought for the Week” or “for the Month” as infrequently as they come) and a handful of gaming-related posts along with a few related to various voice-over projects, but no real focus on where I’m going with this or even an idea of where I want to go, which I would have chastised my composition students for a few years ago.


Not doing what I teach? As in, “Do what I say, not what I do?” Perish the thought.

Or perish the blog?

No, the blog will remain up and running, but will likely limp along with posts only once a month or so until I’ve figured out exactly what I want to do with this thing.

What posts have you enjoyed? What posts have you disliked? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.


*An odd example of my rather circuitous line of thought which started with the joke: What do you call a dolphin with someplace to go? Answer: A porpoise with a purpose, which of course, led me to the phrase “for all intents and purposes.” Yeah, I know, “Darin, you’re weird.”

**She got it back up and running then allowed it to lapse again back in September 2012. Hopefully, she picks up that blog again (or another) because her sense of humor is one that often gives me a stomach ache from laughing so hard. Something I miss.

***Longman Dictionary.

****Well, three, actually: Speaking Out on Life, Speaking Out on Nate, and he recently started the Speaking Out on Blogging sitefor a blog instruction course he’ll be teaching in the fall.


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