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Blogging Toward Oblivion (or the end of 2012, whichever comes first)

OK. So I’m lazy, I’ll readily admit, more so than usual of late, but this rather beats most of my records for laziness.*

Nathan over at Speaking Out nominated me awhile back for a Liebster Award both here and here.

Thanks, Nathan.**

After doing a bit of rooting around on the ‘net I discover that this award is somewhat akin to the chain letter, something I tend to opt out of whenever I receive one. Years ago when I was on AOL, one of my friends would always send chain letters with a notation at the bottom that read: “Darin won’t forward this but might find it amusing anyway.” And he was right nearly 100% of the time.  Ditto Facebook these days. I’ve a few friends who post a “copy this to your timeline if” passages and I tend to ignore them but have forwarded one or two over the last couple of years.

But to avoid being labeled a complete ass, I’m going to finally get around to acknowledging the nomination in this last blog of the year 2012.

Now, along with this nomination thingy, the nominee is supposed to follow a number of “rules” which include things like “post an image of the blog award,” “answer a bunch of questions asked by the blogger who nominated you,” nominate X number other blogs, and “ask a bunch of different questions of those bloggers,” yadda ya.

I suck at following directions and sticking with rules. Especially since there are no “rules” for this award. They’re all made up anyway. The earliest posts I’ve found regarding this award were along the lines of nominate 5 fellow bloggers with fewer than 200 followers or some such. A year or so later the rules were simply “nominate 6 blogs.” Note that the nominations Nathan had forwarded to me had 5 questions in one and 11 in the next, so in the spirit of not following rules, I’ll answer a handful of questions selected from both lists (my answers in blue)and just list another handful of blogs that I find really fun to read. No questions of my own because I just don’t have any to ask, and I don’t want these bloggers to feel they have to even acknowledge my nomination of them unless they really want to do so.

  1. You get to choose your last meal, what is your last meal and why? If I know it’s going to be my last meal, I’d probably go for a large meatbuster pizza, no veggies, with a large chocolate chip shake to wash it down. No need to worry about the high cholesterol and calories so make it count.
  2. What time period would like you have like to been born and lived through? Mid-to late-1600s western Europe. I look good in puffy-sleeved shirts, silk cravats, and tight-fitting pants over colored leggings. At least I did twenty years ago and sixty pounds lighter.
  3. You have super powers, what are they and do you fight crime or become the criminal? Morphing powers, the ability to change my looks and shape, but I’d likely neither be a crime fighter nor a master criminal. I’d probably use the powers just to practical joke, which I guess in some places might classify me as  criminal.
  4. What is the one cuisine that you would love to learn how to cook? Chinese food and not the high cholesterol, high sodium floating in oil and soy sauce stuff made at most Chinese restaurants. Heck, I can’t even cook fried rice correctly. I always wind up with a burned clump of sticky goo.
  5. What is one subject that you would like to learn about? Quantum Mechanics, but I never got through physics (see laziness, above) so the math is just beyond me, and I have tried. I even had a couple of books around here at one point on the subject that I’d tried wading through.
  6. If sex sells why isn’t there more sex in political advertising? Because politicians want you to think they’re above that sort of thing, never mind the fact that a number of them get caught in scandals every year. Besides, I wouldn’t want to look at nude images of most politicians.
  7. Favorite candy or sweet treat? Toss up between cake and cookies. Homemade, of course, is best.

And a handful of blogs I find fun to read are as follows:***

Greywulf’s Lair

Get Write Down To It

Fork in My Eye

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

The Black Campbell

Eagle-Eyed Editor


Mechanics & Meeples

Again, no questions to answer, no need to nominate anyone else for an award, etc. If you do, great. If not, fine as well. I just like reading your blogs.

Keep the posts coming.

And for those (few) of you who visit this blog, thank you for reading my (semi-) weekly wordy tossed salad.


*Not that I actually keep record, of course, that’d be silly.

**Really, thank you. Being noticed—even if for a chain letter blog award—does mean at least someone likes/pays attention to my writing, and you’re not only a damned good writer (if I could ever get you to figure out commas, quotation marks, and punctuation in general . . . I’d likely no longer have anyone in need of my editing services) but also a good friend. And I say that even though we’ve never met in person.

***A couple of these haven’t been posted to in a month or so. The writers have had periods where they go silent for a month or so then pop back up with stuff. Hmmm, sounds familiar to me. And this isn’t the complete list of blogs I find fun to read.


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  1. You are welcome, I enjoy your writing and friendship immensely, if you would only write more. 😉

    • Yeah, it’d be wonderful if I could get myself to write more. The novel(s) and stacks of short story ideas aren’t going to write themselves no matter how hard I wish for that to happen.


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