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Failing to Get Anything Done

That pretty much sums it up, writing-wise, that is. I’ve always had this difficulty getting to the keyboard between October 31 and the second week of January. The various high holy days (nope, no football included here—sorry, Nathan), end of semester school goings on, and just stuff in general kind of gang up with the result of my lack of writing.

This year has proven no different.

I had planned to force myself to sit and write, had signed up to participate with NaNoWriMo, and wound up writing all of zero words on the current novel, which hasn’t received much attention from me in a little over two months at this point.*

Ah, well.

I always find myself remembering what Mike McQuay told me during the end-of-the-year holidays back when I took classes taught by him and later when hanging out at his house during a Wednesday night writer’s group: he never could figure out why I didn’t write during the holidays. He said that was the only time for sanity he found during the turkey orgies. But he also said that the publishing industry tended to slow to a crawl at that time anyway, so he could somewhat understand it.

This doesn’t mean I’ve given up writing. Doesn’t mean I’ve given up on the blog. I’ll continue posting but will limit myself to once a week (or every other week) until I can get myself past the start of the new year. It’s only a few more weeks anyway.

Until then, have a pleasant month of December and a happy holiday, whichever one you happen celebrate this month.**


*I’ve also gone a month at this point with no voice over work done on my part. I’ve received invites from Voice123 for several projects, but haven’t managed to clear time in the mornings to set up my recording booth.

**A friend of mine in college would always celebrate a different holiday every year in December.


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  1. Alas we cannot all celebrate the same High Holy Days. 🙂 This is a time for family, shopping, food, and relaxation that is my excuse why I don’t do anything above and beyond from Oct 31 to Jan 1.


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