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Falling Down, Again

Well, since the last time I wrote about biking again, I’ve managed to work myself up to 15 minute bike rides around the neighborhood. My legs are still sore the next day, but less so than they had a few weeks back, and I’ve noticed that they tend to feel sorer* on days I skip riding. Last week, the kids were out of school for fall break and I neglected to bike (or walk, for that matter) for several days because we were busy with other things, and by Saturday, my thighs were complaining about the lack of strenuous exercise. Now we did wind up at the park that day so I could walk a few laps and felt much better afterward.**

My wife has swiped the bike. It tends to be her daily routine after getting home from work: grab the helmet, ask our son if he wants to ride, then hit the streets for half an hour before coming back to eat dinner. Fortunately, we haven’t both wanted to ride at the same time.

I’ve only been riding a couple days a week and only in the neighborhood, but I’ve realized that 1) going uphill is much more difficult when you forget to downshift into first gear, 2) buying a handlebar mirror so I don’t have to crane my head over my shoulder every time I need to turn is a must the next time I’m around a sporting goods shop, along with 3) needing a seat cushion for the bike. The seat provided is downright painful after a few minutes (well, one minute) of riding.

Aside from that, I’m enjoying the rides. Have I lost any more weight? Not much, a whole five pounds since I started the intervals of riding/walking/jogging, but even though I should look toward losing some thirty to forty pounds (according to government/medical health statistics, and so forth) to reach my “ideal” weight for my height and age, if I can just pull ten to fifteen pounds (and keep them off), I’ll be satisfied for awhile, at least.***

We’ll see how I’m looking at the whole biking thing after a few more months of it.


*More sore? Mordor? OK, enough with the Hobbit jokes. But some words, even when written correctly, just sound odd when read aloud.

**Even more odd is how the body reacts toward things it gets used to then suddenly goes without—not just drugs, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, but also exercise. Get in the habit of pushing your body several days a week, then stop, and the body will complain about it. The human body is definitely an interesting machine.

***Thinking of “pulling weight” made me wonder a few weeks back how much the yo-yo dieting encouraged of kids in sports affects their inability to keep weight under control later in life. I know that for years in junior high wrestling I was told to drop weight so I could wrestle at the next weight class down. My meals consisted primarily of a ground beef patty and bowl of cottage cheese during the days leading up to a tournament. By the end of junior high, I hated hamburger and cottage cheese. Although I can eat burgers now, the sight of cottage cheese still makes my stomach churn.


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