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Menagerie: Caught (Part 1)

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Fleex approached the corridor outside the hangar bay. After a half dozen failed attempts, Carrion’s Delight had finally managed to overhaul and snag the errant escape pod. Spear had sent word a moment earlier that the cargo ship the pod came from had dropped into sub-light shortly after the escape pod had jettisoned. By the time the other ship righted its course and returned, the pod would be secure and the Delight would be back in hyperspace.

That was the plan, anyway. As time dragged by while the ship kept missing the pod (almost as if the thing had evasive maneuvers built into its programming, but no one ever did that with life pods), Fleex could feel the desire to strangle a subordinate rising in his chest, but being a good fleet commander (even if it was only one ship), he squelched the impulse and instead hurried (not too fast) down to the hangar when the pod was finally captured.

“Status,” he said to the volt standing outside the bay doors. A team of heavily armed avians stood nearby.

The volt, a bit shorter than Fleex, snapped to attention and saluted. “Sir! Detection systems unable to get a clear read inside the captured vessel. Life signs indicate one life form, then a moment later detect half a dozen. Then shortly afterward, no life signs appear.” The volt clicked his talons together smartly, then added, “Sir.”

Fleex tucked his wings behind his back and faced the bay doors. “Impossible,” he muttered. “One cannot get no life signs then up to half a dozen. Some sort of trick.” A trick he wouldn’t mind having the ability to pull off, he thought.

He paced the hall a moment then glanced at the scavs surrounding him. “Very well, enter and take the vessel. If there are occupants, take care not to harm them too much. We may need them alive to get information on the vessel’s capabilities. Good luck.”

Then he stepped back, allowing the security team to file past and into the hangar bay around the pod. One of the scavs stepped to the hatch with an explosive pack and was about the set the charge when the hatch opened and something came out.

Fleex couldn’t tell what it was, but it moved fast, and three scav warriors were down before the others even had the chance to react. Two fired their weapons wildly at the blur, one killing a comrade. Fleex didn’t wait to see the rest. He stepped back into the hallway and shut the door to the bay, yelling for more guards, and backpedaling to put as much distance between himself and whatever was inside his ship.



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