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The Perturbed Dragon: The Thief

Episode 5 “The Thief” of The Perturbed Dragon is now available through ENWorld, YouTube, and later today at the series’ main site.

This and episode 6 (due out next week) are two of my favorites for this season. Dee’s “Thief Cam” is funny, and when I read the script for this episode I started looking around the house for hidden cameras. Darren and Russ Morrissey have an almost spooky gift for typecasting ( in my case) without ever having met me.

Not only have I a penchant for playing dwarf characters in most role-playing games, here is an image of Bilar on a coaster that you can purchase from The Perturbed Dragon store:

That ruggedly handsome dwarf from The Perturbed Dragon

And here is an image of me:

Short, bearded, bald(ing), notice a resemblance?

In the current episode, Bilar has his purse, uh, pouch swiped. I’ve lugged around  belt pouch (also known as a man purse by some, or a fanny pack, both of which are incorrect, I say*) since my son was born. I found the thing easier to keep track of and carry “all my stuff” rather than lug around a 40 pound diaper bag all day long. But when I read that in the script, I nearly choked on my drink.

Anyway, go watch the episode. Tell your friends to see it, too. I’d love to voice a second season (and I know the other cast members would as well), and that only happens with support and viewers from the ‘net community.


*Does claiming this mean I have to give up my man card? Ehh, whatever.

Note: Just because I’ve squeezed a couple images in here doesn’t mean I’ll be adding them regularly. My dino-computer still hates them and fought adding these today. Maybe I’ll switch computers someday.


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