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Back the Dwarves!

Here’s another Kickstarter Project which I figured I’d promote. It’s the Dwarven Adventurers Box Set by Stonehaven Miniatures, which ends July 25, 2012.

Currently the base set (at $25) will hold seven dwarf miniatures in 28mm scale. The pledge scale above this adds more dwarves to the mix (with a total of 15 dwarves at the $40 level) while below the $25 level you get one or two dwarves (perhaps at random, depending on the pledge level).

The project has already made $86K for a required $1250 to be funded. It’s pretty much blown through every stretch goal that has been posted and is nearing the $95K goal, which brings in a 66mm troll cast in resin. Granted, the troll will cost an extra $10, but that’s actually rather inexpensive for such a large figure.

The concept art for the miniatures is quite good and the greens (the models from which the line of figures will be cast) look really pleasing, too.

If interested, give it a look, but don’t wait too long because this project is nearing its end.


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