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Of Cards and Paper Dice: Still Working the Conversion of Gunslingers and Gamblers for Star Wars

I’ve been working, however slowly, on the mechanical side of the Star Wars spin for Gunslingers and Gamblers, the mechanics in this case being the dice.

I’d somewhat figured out what I wanted to do with the numbers and types of die involved and set about looking for suitable mock-ups. I found paper dice templates from  which didn’t look too difficult to put together.


I downloaded the templates, dropped them into Word so that I could print a pair of dice per page, then cut them out. So far so good. Putting them together didn’t work out, no matter what I tried. Folds didn’t fold right. Glue wouldn’t stick, and I couldn’t find the roll of double-stick tape I have hiding around here. No, I didn’t print to card stock but figured with the trouble I was having so far, that wouldn’t help things much.

So on to another plan for dice. Unfortunately most of my solid d10s and d12s are dark, so marking on them won’t work. The local game store has blanks which I’ll pick up this week. Maybe by this time next week I’ll have marked and tested the dice rolling and be able to figure that into the conversion process.

While researching this project (looking up the rules for sabacc) I came across a couple of places that had printable decks: keyofsolomon (the link pulls up a PDF, not a site) and GhostofMan’s page , clicking the Visual Aids link and scrolling to the bottom of the page for the latter. The keyofsolomon deck is fairly sparse though the more printer friendly of the two while I believe the latter has much better visual appeal.

I printed the deck from GhostofMan’s page on label paper at a local print shop and cut them out, planning to apply to cheap poker cards I’d picked up at the local dollar store. Silly me. I should have printed a test copy to compare to the cards I had. Once printed, the sabacc cards wind up being just ever-so-slightly larger than standard poker cards. Since then I’ve been looking around for a deck of jumbo-sized cards with no luck. Good thing I’m not actually playing cards. I’d have gone broke by now.

I’d considered mounting them to cardstock or poster board, but the former is too flimsy while the latter doesn’t shuffle well. This I know from experience. I’ve picked up a couple sets of alphabet and number flash cards, but those are quite a bit larger than the sabacc card faces. I’ll either use those or just trim the prints so they’ll fit the cards I do have. We’ll see what works.

Anyone know where I can get actual jumbo-sized poker cards, and not just standard-sized cards with jumbo printing? Cheap? I don’t want to spend eight dollars for a deck of cards I’ll be putting stickers on.


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