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Tag. You Are NOT It

If you hadn’t noticed, I posted a few more demos to my voiceover page at and, while I was pecking away at the keyboard,* I realized that tagging gives me a headache.

The concept of tags makes sense. Like keywords they are guides to find your way through the morass that is the typical blog, website, PDF, whathaveyou. The problem I have is figuring out what tags to use. Now, on this site, I’ve used tags that seem to make sense based on the topic of the post or key elements in the post. They make sense to me, but whether they make sense to anyone else is, well, anyone else’s guess.**

And that’s the crux of my problem, I suppose, knowing what tags to use that make sense unilaterally. For this blog, I’m not too flummoxed: I know fiction when I write it; I know games when I write about those. Besides, if I ever get too brain-scrambled during the day and have no clue what tag to use here, I can always look up the most commonly used tags (topics) on WordPress here.

However, that doesn’t help me when I post a voiceover demo. Sure, has a list of tags to associate with demos, but I have a hard time describing my own voice. Heck, self-description of any type makes me want to hightail it into the woods. So when it comes time to choose those keywords for a demo, I might as well close my eyes and lay a finger on the screen. Whatever I land on is the tag of the day.

For instance, what does a Generation X sound like? A Generation Y? How about the Guy (or Girl) Next Door? To be honest, I listed Guy Next Door as one of my vocal attributes but I couldn’t tell you what that guy is supposed to sound like. I’ve had “guys next door” who vocally reminded me of a nest of hornets . . . or a chainsaw. I’ve also known “guys next door” who had voices that were smooth as silk and could make a phone book sound good. So, what’s a guy next door sound like to you?

Anyway, here’s a partial list of tags used.***

Amusing          Animated          Announcer          Antagonistic

Attitude           Attractive          Authoritative        Believable

Biting              Booming           Calming              Caring

Classy              Coach               Concerned           Confessional

Confident         Conversational   Deadpan             Deep

Educational      Executive          Explosive             Father

Friendly           Funny               Generation X       Generation Y

Genuine          Gravelly             Guy Next Door    Happy

Hard Sell         High Energy       Humorous           Husky

Imaging          Informative        Interviewer          Knowledgeable

Mature            Motivational       Movie Trailer       Narrator

Natural           Newscaster         Political               Pompous

Professional     Raspy                 Royal                 Sarcastic

Serious            Sincere               Smooth               Softspoken

Soothing         Sophisticated       Storyteller            Strong

Superhero       Sweet                 Thoughtful           Tough

Upbeat            Urban                Warm

If you have the time, give a listen to some of my vocal demos and let me know what you think my voice sounds like. I’d appreciate the assistance.


*No, I still haven’t gotten the hang of typing and not looking at the keys. I’m still in the practice-every-few-days mode of “Learning to Type the Right Way.”

**If the tags used here don’t make sense, please let me know. Since I would like to improve the blog, any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks.

***I eliminated such things as African American and Girl Next Door since they were pretty obviously not in my vocal range. This despite years of repeating the line, “Luke, I am your father” and just never quite getting the same quality as James Earl Jones.

Further note. The above set of columns look horrible. Not sure what I’m missing in WordPress that might allow proper alignment of columns.


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