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Supporting a Kickstarter Project

NOTE: This just came across my in-box so I’m posting this now rather than later in the week as it has a deadline attached to the content.

Just found out about a Kickstarter Project that I had to go and check out. It’s called Fictify and is software designed as a bit of motivational tool to keep you writing and staying on track.

And that’s something I definitely could use.

I write, yet days go by when I never sit at the computer. Or I do but wind up spending time staring at random pages on the ‘net. You’d think that might be how I stumbled across this project, and you’d be absolutely . . . wrong this time around. I received an e-mail from The Gamer Lifestyle Project which I’ve been following a few years now and the folks who run it are highly supportive of this program.

So I decided to check out the Fictify website. You sign up for an account and then get started writing.  The program runs on the ‘net and saves your work every 10 minutes or so. It has basic word processor functions, nothing fancy, and keeps track of your goals, your average writing time each day, number of writing sessions, and so on. There is even a Competitions tab allowing you to benchmark your own time spent writing against others working on similar projects (novel, novella, novelette, short story, or I don’t know for project length–which is what I used for this particular blog entry). The last project type doesn’t seem to have any listings on the Competition tab, or that could just be that anyone else working on a project knows what their word goal is.

The program gives daily encouragement toward reaching your writing goals or, if needed, a kick in the pants to get writing. My one problem with this approach is it does require to log on to the website and pull up whatever project your happen to be working on. A bit of an unnecessary step in writing and one I can easily see myself avoiding, but I applaud the author’s goals here: motivating the writer on a daily basis to get out there and write.

Eventually the author hopes to have a version that is OS dependent but has indicated that would be down the road. All donations to the project would be toward funding server space and finalizing the software.

Unfortunately, the program is still in beta test and is not freely available to the public. To get the special log-in code you have to sponsor the project at Kickstarter for the whopping price of $1.* Larger donations give you bonuses to your account, such things as a lifetime membership to the Fictify site, name listed in the credits with your website, and so on. All-in-all, for a small amount to help inch the author toward his goal, you can easily try out the software and decide if it’s worth increasing your donation.

But you do have to hurry. The project deadline is May 7, 2012.

Now if someone would write a program that kicks me out of bed in the morning and sits me in front of the computer to write, I might actually get some work done.


*For those of you not familiar with Kickstarter, you pledge a given amount of money (noted on the project’s webpage) and, if the project reaches its donation goals, you’ll be charged that amount on your credit card, which is paid for through so your card information stays with that company rather than being disseminated to a bunch of other potentially fly-by-night operations. The nice thing is, if a project does not reach its goal, your card is not charged, and you don’t owe a dime.


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