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Die at South Beach, Again

So, here I am at the end of week two, phase two of the South Beach Diet (supercharged) and looking at a whopping total of 5 pounds lost during the last four weeks.




A day or two after I’d posted Die at South Beach, I weighed myself and discovered I’d dropped four pounds that week. Now, I’m seriously inclined to believe it was the 5 mile walks I’d taken three days that week (20 minutes of interval in the morning and a 20-30 minute leisurely stroll those evenings) and not the SBD that lost the weight for me.*

Seriously inclined to believe since all last week I managed to walk only 1 day (because I’d twinged my ankle on the previous Thursday and decided it better to lay off walking for a few days rather than push it and do more serious damage). I still put in 15 – 20 minutes of core exercise every other day. Err, well, tried to, anyway. Most of my time the past week was spent spring cleaning around the house.

But I’ll continue with it. I have the support of my family behind me.

My kids say at least once a day: “Dad, we hate this diet you’re on!”

Because they want to go out to eat and I tell them whatever place they’ve picked doesn’t have food I can fit into the SBD. My wife, on the other hand, has been trying to eat what I have . . . to some extent. She’ll load up on salad or veggies. She refuses to give up her jasmine rice, though. Not that I can blame her. The stuff smells fantastic when it’s steaming in the rice cooker and tastes divine. Of course, it converts straight to sugar inside the body and shoots straight to the waistline.

At least that’s what the current line of nutritional guidelines tout.

Odd that a few years ago, rice (even white rice) was fine. After all, X to the nth power billion Chinese can’t be wrong! Right? The current line of thinking is, they are, I guess.

But I digress.

Now, the first week of Phase Two of the SBD allows one piece of fruit each day along with one good starchy carb (whole wheat toast, brown rice, that sort of thing). You stick with this until you no longer have cravings for starchy carbs. Then, you can add additional carbs and fruit back into the diet: day 8 add an extra starch, day 9 add an extra piece of fruit, and so on. Now, if by the end of day 7 you still want to chow down a bag of Cheetos, you  obviously still crave starchy foods, so you’re supposed to stick with the 1:1 starchy carb/fruit ratio for a few more days until those unhealthy desires flee like the bad old things they are from your mind and body.

Yeah, right.

I had hoped that by the time I hit the second phase, my willpower would hold up, but I love sandwiches and fruit equally. The first week of this phase I did fine and had no cravings while on the 1:1 ratio. No cheating.



Not me.

Well, there was the brownie I had last weekend.

And the Java Chiller from Sonic the other day.

Or the frozen mocha I had at Panera Bread yesterday . . . .

OK, so I’ve cheated and gone for the guilty pleasures this past week. That might attribute to the lack of poundage lost during that time. You know the old military axiom: “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”? Well, I guess that means I’m trying. Granted, I was never military but my father was (short stint) and grandfather was (two long stints), so some of that philosophy must have rubbed off somewhere.

OK, so I need to walk another mile today.

Now where’d my wife hide that fresh bag of Doritos?


* This week I’ve managed to walk at least three miles on three days (interval walking) and a couple of miles on off days, not so much as I did a couple of weeks ago but still keeping with my standard distance.


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  1. I read walking and thought this is going to be good, got to tweaked ankle and thought with much sympathy been there and it sucks, good idea to take it easy. Got to Jasmine rice, Chinese, rice and can’t be wrong and was hoping that you were headed in the right directions and then I got to the 70’s era stereo instructions you have regarding what you can eat and screamed at the computer, “I thought torture was not allowed!” I agree with your children. Listen to them they are wise. 🙂

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