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Menagerie: Contact (part 1)

This is the second entry in the Menagerie co-authored story with Nathan over at Speaking Out. The first post he made on Sunday is called Strike.


The place was dark and stank of oversweet synthohol, various fruit juices, and stale sweat. Smoke filled the air. A sec-bot near the door detected Liishi’s holdout pistol at the small of her back, the two knives shoved into her boots, and the Tamryn 2062 slug pistol slung low on her right thigh. It squawked indignation, lights flashing.

 She ignored it an walked on by. Midline model obviously. A closer-to-the-top would have found the stunner laced to her forearm or the thin but decidedly deadly blade sheathed along her spine, and a top of the line model would have noticed the lethal pins tucked into the goggle straps at her neck. Among other places.

A girl couldn’t be too careful.

She sighed. The bot may have had a minor conniption fit at her weaponry. It would have blown a fuse if her partner had walked in with her.

 She narrowed her eyes a moment, long enough for them to adjust to the lower light. Her client had said the guy she was looking for would be here, somewhere on the far side of the bar. As she moved forward she noticed that hardly any of the clientele had bothered to pay attention to her entrance.

 A zeb to the right of the doorway did though and he shifted through the crowd to intercept.

 As he neared, he tossed his forelock out his eyes and split his lips in what could have been a sneer or his idea of a flattering smile. “Hey, baby,” he rumbled. “What’s a little kitten like you doing here?”

 Inwardly, Liishi groaned. Happened every time she walked into Tangles or any of a thousand joints like it, but particularly out here at the edge of Quin space. Seemed practically every male out here wanted to get her into bed with him. She caught her tail in one hand, stroked her whiskers with the other and batted her lashes at him. “I’m looking for my daddy,” she purred.

The zeb puffed his chest out and glanced at the bottles of a passing tray of synthohol. “Baby, baby, baby, I am your guy,” he whinnied. “Just say the word an old Tally’ll be your daddy as long as you’d like.” He ran his thumbs up and down the curled back edges of his jacket and stepped closer.

The moment he came close enough, Liishi released her tail and grabbed his crotch. Her other hand went up to his long jaw where she slid a claw from her forefinger, pricking him with it.

He blanched, his dark stripes going nearly the shade of his lighter. He stamped one hoof, eyes wide. “I didn’t mean it. Tally didn’t mean nothing wrong, lady. Just let me go, please.”

The crowd nearby had gone silent. She could tell the floor around her was getting wet. She let him go, wiping her hands on his jacket as she shoved him backward.

“Nothing to see here, folks.” She slow turned and eyed everyone until they decided they had something better to do.

She hated quins.


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