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Andorill: The End?

Well, looks as though the Stories of Andorill will go on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Chris over at Hardluck Ink has moved on to other projects which are keeping him busy, and I wish him all the luck with those. And since he was kind of the instigating force behind the stories, Nathan from Speaking Out and I have decided to put these stories on hold. We’re kicking around something to maintain a co-authored work on our sites. Hopefully, we’ll have something up and running by next week (or the week afterward, perhaps). I know he has another site he’s working on building alongside the current one, so his time is stretching thin as well.

Of course, I think Nathan is the only one reading this blog, so I’m really only telling him what he already knows, but if anyone else has been following along, then you’re now clued in to the current state of co-authored affairs between these sites.


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  1. I hope other people are reading your site, especially as you post more stuff. Is it the End? probably, even though I have stories to tell it’s not my cup of tea, fantasy that is, stories yes. As for my time getting thin, nope, despite school, children, wife, blog one, blog two in making and cookbook I always make time to write more.

    As for what we should write…how do you feel about animals that can do kung fu and they wander around a land that looks a lot like China, but isn’t, righting the wrong’s of local drowntrodden villagers?


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