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Andorill: Diversion

Here is the next segment of the tale. The link to the previous post at Speaking  Out is here.

At the sound of the creature’s scream, the older and wiser of the furless bipedals glanced up, thankfully, and waved the younger back. The younger seemed ready to unsheathe the blade at its side and then its eyes widened at sight of the dark creature thrashing about. Perhaps it recalled the too recent deaths of its kin beneath deadly claws just as those of the creature.

Tsk hoped the bipedals would flee, but she focused now on escaping the dark creature. She zigged left, she zagged right, all in attempt to keep the creature’s attention from the bipedals. She thought a moment in mid-leap and wondered if she could buoy their escape.

She studied the dead bipedals around her quickly then imaged a half dozen of them bursting from the trampled underbrush. Their illusory swords were mere bee stings to the hide of the dark creature, but perhaps their presence would confuse it just that much longer. Long enough, at least, that she could land safely inside the egg-shaped conveyance the two bipedals had been studying. Long enough to catch her wind and rest her weary wings.

The creature laid about with those massive claws, slashing bipedals all around, but as they dropped, Tsk imaged a few more from the far side of the egg shape.

Just as she dove through the opening into the egg-shape, she noticed the two bipedals stop near the edge of the clearing. The older turned back and placed his hand firmly on the handle of his weapon.


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