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Andorill: Observer

Here’s my first entry into the ongoing tale of Andorill. For the previous post (and others), read here

Tsk shifted slightly in the treetops as she gazed down at the scene below, her color changing with her movement.

Two furless bipedals faced each other across the clearing, one holding naked steel, the other walking as if on air with a slight bounce to its step. Around them lay others of their kind, ripped apart and tossed aside, husks empty of life-giving nutrients. Mingled amongst those bodies lay larger creatures, dark as the empty night sky and armored as the mountains to the south. Those creatures knew to be dangerous. Bred for destruction, not born of egg as Tsk and her brethren nor even live as the two bipedals below, but created from many creatures, many elements.

The wind shifted the branches in the tree. Tsk scrambled again for purchase in the slick bark, happy that she had anchors in her strong back legs but also glad for the pincer strength of her abdomen appendages. She wondered what the two bipedals would do now their kin were dead or dying. A few, yes, very few, still breathed but not for long, Tsk could tell with a single glance.  The dark creatures had done their duty, slaughtered all in their path. It had taken several bipedals to drop even one of the creatures.

A spider inched its way toward her, mandibles clacking. Her front legs shot out, hooking the eight-legged beast and drawing it to her stronger middle legs, and she took a bite, crunching through the spiky fur and tasting the sweet juices inside her prey. She cocked her head to one side as she turned back to the bipedals facing each other.

The one with the naked steel appeared to be the younger of the two, its life force less twisted. The other had a far stronger life force, twisted and straightened and repeated until–

A noise on the far side of the clearing yanked Tsk’s attention. Yet another of the dark creatures burst from its hiding place and charged the two bipedals. They were unaware of its approach. How could Tsk have missed the life signs of the creature, she did not know. She did know the two bipedals would likely die beneath the creature’s claws. The older, stronger of the two might fair longer, but the younger . . . . Something about the younger made Tsk think he needed saving.

Dropping her snack,she launched herself from her perch high in the tree and fluttered her multi-part wings for all she was worth. With hope, she would arrive before the creature slaughtered the two. But the distance was large, and she was small.


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  2. A touch, but maybe it’ll work out.


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